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May 13, 1999
10:00pm Ko-ro-ba Inn Time [MST]

Mistress Zada:

standing and announcing.....

The last dance of the evening......kliana


kliana rises and moves quickly to the shadows of the Great Room

..the girl kliana teps out of the deep shadows
red silks whispering she stands,
allowing the conversations to die down,
holding herself tall and proud,
her eyes turn briefly to the musicians,
then flick toward her Master
she closes her eyes and moves her feet apart,
kliana lifts her chin and drops her head back
as her body begins to tremble
the musicians begin to play their instruments very softly,
first the drums with the steady rhythm of heartbeats.


never taking My eyes off kliana...


the girl's body begins to move languidly, weight balanced, but changing from foot to foot....
kliana's silks ripple with even that slight motion…
a tremor begins in her thighs, moves upward as she undulates to the slow drumbeat

in the background, barely seen, wearing His scarlet robes,
the figure of Master Menelvagor, kliana's Master
He approaches the shuddering girl,
His eyes never leave her face as His hand brushes her bronzed shoulder
and she throws back her head,
a shimmering cataract of golden brown curls brushes the warm arch of her back…
the girl lifts her hands and her entire body projects her desire to please this Master
as her half closed eyes look directly into His eyes
He turns the girl's body to him and, with both hands,
unties the shoulders of her garment and brushes aside even the slight veil of her silks…
the Patrons, as if one, are heard to gasp an intake of breath,
dazzled for a moment by the beauty of the naked flesh of the girl…

face fixed in a dancer's moan,
her nostrils flare as waves of passion rise,
spread throughout her flawless flesh
she is almost startling in the firelight,
a vision of unleashed desire,
the girl's eyes, starved and dark with worship, plead directly to His eyes
but Master Menelvagor does not move as her hips slowly writhe in suffering,
the ache for Him so obvious several of the Patrons move softly in their seats as They watch

Master Menelvagor removes His hands from her shoulders and,
while the crowd cries out, she tosses aside her silks and sinks in subservience at His feet
in submission to all His desires
kliana kneels, lowering her head,
lifting and extending her arms, wrists crossed,
her entire body trembles with the need she feels for this Master,
His attention as well as her need to please Him in all possible ways
she kneels, her knees spread wide toward her Master,
allowing Him to see that desire,
the wicked and tantalizing glimmer from the sweet honey of the girl's craving

the Warrior turns from her and holds out one hand, the other grasps a chain thrown to Him by another Patron…
that one hand dug in His kajira's hair, He gestures for her to rise
and she stands naked before him, head lowered,
body quaking in the terrible longing for Him to touch her
But Master Menelvagor's touch is to simply attach the long chain to a girl's ko-lar
as she humbles herself for Him

the music changes and the girl twists, attempts to move away…
and He allows her that until she stands feet wide apart, gasping,
her slender body glowing at the chain's length…
the girl does not move for a moment, but stands slightly crouched,
her graceful hands grasping the burnished chain...

abruptly the music ceases, then as quickly begins again with an increase in volume and tempo,
the girl howls a barbaric cry of rebellion and rage,
as if a she-larl in heat, tears at the chain,
her flushed skin glistening in the firelight…
her body moves, frenzied, her teeth bared…
snarling, she circles her Master,
dancing always at the length of the chain.
He continues to take up a fist of chain,
drawing her ever inches closer.

now there is almost no movement, just the girl slowly turning her head,
or the motion of His hand as it clasps the chain…
she is drawn closer to her Master…
At last His fist is within the collar itself and He draws the girl,
her flesh trembling with hunger for His touch…
He kisses her as she falls into His arms, frenzied with yearning,
piteous and exhausted, weeping into His lips…
He subdues her with His kiss, her arms about His neck,
shamed with her appetite she clings to Him…
more than obedient, her head to His chest…
He lifts her into His arms and carries her from the firelight,
her lips brushing at His throat,
her golden brown curls pressed to His chest…
He places kliana's panting body on His furs as the music drifts away into silence……
the girl rests, panting,
her hand curled around and underneath her Master's boot


Clapping loudly for My kajira!!!!! YAY!!!!!!
clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap.....


kliana's head is bowed, she leans into Her Master, the girl's slave heart beats in happiness...