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May 13, 1999
09:12pm Ko-ro-ba Inn Time [MST]


may ra'naa pleased be excused for just an ehn to prepare???

Warrior Spirit:

of course ra'....


thank You, Master..
stepping out for just an ehn...closing the
door of the Inn behind her...

~nervously stepping into the Great Room, after having
prepared herself for her first dance...pausing in the
open doorway as the three moons of Gor shine brightly
behind her, silhouetting her curves~
~her heart beating ferociously as she looks around the
room at A/all W/who have gathered to watch the
her waist length dark brown hair hangs in wet tendrils
down her back, and over her shoulders, covering her
breasts as they heave with each calming breath she
~standing tall, she bends her left knee and turns her
hip slightly, as she looks teasingly into her Masters
eyes from afar~
~her silks becoming more sheer as the water from her
hair soaks into them~

~rolling first her left shoulder, then her right as the
music in her mind begins...slipping into the dance...
she lifts her left foot, and takes a single step toward
~stopping, she sways her hips slowly back and forth,
never loosing eye contact with Him as she lifts her
hands to her face, her fingers meeting in the center of
her forehead~
~slowly pulling them apart as she follows the contours
of her eyes, then down her cheeks, and finally to her
lips...her hips continuing their sway all the while~
~her lips part as the middle finger of her right hand
traces the smooth line of their fullness, her tongue
snaking out to grab her finger, pulling it all the way
into her mouth~
~she sucks on her finger as she s-l-o-w-l-y pulls it from
her mouths grasp, her eyes reflecting her desire for
Him as her wet finger trails down to His ko-lar
wrapped about her neck~

~suddenly flinging her arms out at shoulder
height...she spins three times as the beating drums in
her mind pound wildly...her silks fanning out from her
body almost revealing to A/all what He owns~
~then stopping as the silks fall back down around her,
recovering her every curve...having only advanced
about two steps closer to her Master, a teasing smile
curves her lips as she regains eye contact with Him~
~her hips resuming their undulating as she bends her
knees slightly with each of their movements~
~bringing her hands back to her shoulders, she traces
her silks down to her full breasts, running slow circles
around each nipple over the wet fabric, wanting to cup
each breast with her hands, but denying herself that
pleasure...dropping her head back as an almost
audible moan escapes her lips~

~lifting her head back up, finding His
eyes with hers...she falls to closed her hands slide down her belly,
smoothing her sheer silks~
~tucking the wet material between her
thighs as she slips both hands to her inner
knees...she begins to part them, stops, and
licks her lips wantonly as she winks to her
~then parting her thighs wide in one
sudden movement...trailing her fingers
back up her thighs, ever so lightly over the
silks...knowing None can see His treasure,
as the material hangs safely between her
~lifting her behind from her ankles and
setting back down, she leans back on her
hands, letting her head fall to one
shoulder...keeping her eyes locked with
His, she continues moving her backside
up and down, almost begging Him to take
her with her eyes~

~swinging her arms around to her front, she places
them before her knees...moving into a crawl, rolling
each shoulder opposite her hips as she closes in on her
desired destination... dramatically arching her back
with each larl-like step, lowering her head to nearly
touch the floor, then flipping her long hair back over
her shoulders~
~stopping as her hands reach her Masters boot,
leaning down to place a single kiss to His toe...pushing
her behind back to rest on her ankles...then quickly
spinning around to face A/all in the Great Room~

~suddenly dropping her behind as she bends her knees,
pushing off her hands, and flipping her hair back over
her shoulders..."accidentally" showering Him with
little droplets of water from her hair...she spins around
to face her Master, her face flush with desire and drops
to her knees in a single fluid movement~
~forcing her knees closed with her hands, and sliding
them open as she begins to roll her head from side to
side...her hands sliding up and down her thighs as they
open and close in time with the arching of her back,
and the lifting of her hips~
~her whole body moving, yet she not allowing herself
to touch...meeting her Masters eyes with hers that are
filled with the lust she feels for Him...reaching out a
hand to touch Him, and quickly drawing
back...denying herself yet again~
her wet silks clinging tightly to hard nipples that rise
and fall with each breath she takes~

~suddenly jumping to her feet as her
passion nearly consumes her...her hands
freely roaming her silk covered body, like
a girl having drunk too much breeding
wine, wanting, needing to feel a touch,
His touch~
~refusing to continue to allow herself even
the pleasure of her own touch, her arms
drop to her sides as she begins to spin her
body, her eyes closing, the silks fanning
out as she makes tiny circles where she is
before Him~
~her dizziness nearly intolerable as she
falls to her belly, legs out straight behind
her, ankles crossed...she pushes up on her
hands, arching her back, as she clearly
displays her breasts for Him throught the
wet silk, her desire for Him only
heightened as her head seems to still
~looking up to Him as her hips slowly
writhe against the floor, then bending
down, she kisses His boot, meets His gaze
again, and whispers between breaths~

For You, Master...

Warrior Spirit:

looking at My girl with renewed passion....again
surprised at her talents....

thank you slave....

her heart filling with joy as she hears His
words...trying to catch her breath still...

You are most welcome, Master Warrior Spirit...