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May 13, 1999
08:08pm Ko-ro-ba Inn Time [MST]

first of all, ra'naa would like to thank those girls who are entering the competition...
and one would like to wish you all the best of luck!!!
smiling warmly to each of her sisters dancing tonight...
first up tonight is the very talented sha'roze...
W/we all know how beautifully she dances, and ra' is sure she wil be a tough
competitor tonight!
winking to sha... if you're ready, sha?

kneeling up soft hands undo the knot that secures her silks. sliding them from about her hips she then smoothes them out on her ~Mistress's~ furs. placing the palms of her hands on the soft pelt a girl stands tall and glides across the Inn to the dancing pit. each sensual movement of the slave's curvacious body whispering of unspoken thoughts and desires. in the darkened corner of the sands the echoing of slave bells stops.
enters the sands hestitantly as the gentle heart beat of drums begins. twirling to the soft accompanied trills of the pipes, she tries to turn out of the grasp of One. the closer to the Pole she gets the more desperate the movements become. to the left, then the right, she twirls with-in the gleaming shine of arm bands high on upper arms. the golden waist chain catches the moonlight, dancing its way along the links against the paleness of a girl's waist. blonde hair fans out behind her with each quick futile movement of escape. sensually she falls to knees that part instinctively. a frightened girl's lower lip quivers while her head shakes and trembling arms reach up beggingly as she is being pulled to her feet. her soft hands grasp the straps at the top so tightly that delicate knuckles turn white. hazel eyes open wide as she is startled from her pity with the first kiss of the kurt on her now arching back.. ::CRACK::. she steps to the left trying to move from the next kiss of the kurt.. ::CRACK::. heard is a soft cry from parted pale, peach colored lips as her flesh warms from each kiss. side-stepping to the right and pulling the straps taut, she cowers. another ::CRACK:: of the kurt brings her up on tip toes.
hears the barely audible command and releases her death-like grip from the straps. the trembling girl slips to parted knees once again. shaking hands lay palms up as her head bows with-in the tumbling mass of blonde waves that quickly cover her face. feeling One secure her to the Pole she hears as One walks silently away, crushing the small granuals of sand beneath the soft thumping of boots. confusion floods her mind as thoughts swirl with-in... "why fight that which sets the soul free?" brushing back blonde hair from her tear stained face the light shines on cheeks bright with embaressment at having displeased. foolish barbarian hasn't learned to listen to her slave belly. feeling the light dusting of sand press into the tender flesh of her bottom, she rests back on upturned heels. her nakedness pointed out as she winces from the warmth on her fair skin. lowering her head, she feels the steel press into her neck.. another reminder.
hazel eyes wide with uncertainty look through the darkness that she feels closing in around her. to the wail of pipes arms wrap around a slave's burning belly. a belly burning to please again. burning to serve once more.
looks up to the 3 Moons of Gor, hands reach out imploring, palms up.. pleading.. begging.. but for what does the barbarian want? hazel eyes return to the moonlit sands and the length of chain that shines dully in the moonlight, securing her to the Pole. securing her fate. grabbing the links tightly she pull at them and rolls to dainty feet. turning away from the Pole she resists the taut pull of the chain though her body bends as if it were a Hunter's bow.. on toes buried into the sands, head back and chin up, back deeply arched arms hanging behind her as if they were the Bowman's string.
runs around the Pole with the stiff legged gait of a serving girl, unknowingly moving closer to that which secures her. the chain wraps around the Pole slowly guiding her closer. finally collapsing to her knees, the only sounds to be heard are of the forest and a girl's quick shallow breaths while the music pauses. softly the beat begins again. the girl's hazel eyes dark and clouded with confusion, look to the chain glowing softly with-in the moonbeams. begging to be touched... to be used. like the girl.
stands slowly and retraces her frantic steps with slow measured ones. each step falls lightly to the beat of the thoughtful music. with each stepped the chain is unwrapped from the Pole and rolled around her wrists. feeling the cool links burn into tender flesh she lets them fall in their clinking melody to slap loosly against her thighs. she turns to the upbeat of the music, letting the links wrap around her body once...twice... three times... the intent gaze of hazel eyes always returning to the link that secures her to the Pole. secures her to One.
spins to unwind the links from sweet slave flesh. blonde hair fans out behind her in lavender scented waves that send the soothing scent drifting through the air about her. hovers with-in the long note that the pipes hold out before dropping slightly forward and onto the sands. the Rosey hue of excitement flushes cherub cheeks as peach colored lips curve into a delighted smile. she kneels up and lovingly moves forward towards the Pole on her dimpled knees. scooping up and holding the links of her Freedom and slavery to her belly, where the burning ache flares and reaches her soul.
sways slowly in time to the soothing melody that surrounds her and fills her heart. supple arms raise high the offering of the links that are piled upon up-turned open palms. each link glitters brightly with-in the 3 Moons' caressing light. lifting the 'windows' to her soul up to the exalted heavens, blonde hair tumbles down an arched back offering up twin mounds with dusky peeks, hard with the need to be touched. the moonlight dances over the exposed arc of pale skin to capture the silver ko`lar about the girl's neck. feeling it's edge press into the back of her head. a reminder. well rounded hips undulate in small figure-eights as a girl dances her need to be claimed by the chain... by the One Owning the chain.... and Owning the girl.
the music changes to an enchanting mystic melody. a girl's hands move apart, fingers splay wide and the links of the chain begin falling slowly, carressing the girl's arms in its downward descent. moving to the music in its own way to claim slave flesh. the links curl around upper arms and pool on milky white shoulders before continuing in an almost serpent like fashion, around and down through the valley of ample cleavage that rises and falls hypnotically with each labored breath. the sensuous rolling of well rounded hips coaxes the chain lower as one leg straightens out infront of her. golden slave bells chime softly as the metal chain slides down past the gold waist chain. past the white hot flames burning deep within a girl's belly to coil on a shapely thigh then down between her thighs as hips roll forward. peach colored lips part in a silent gasp as the cold links bounce and slither against the petals of her hidden dew coated flower. the girl shudders gently. glazed eyes open slowly. she is reminded of who and what she is.
a slave. an Owned slave.
lips curve slowly with a soft thoughtful, sexy smile.
the length of the chain now covering the girl, the links left on her palms are wrapped around her neck as the music lightens its joyous beat. wrists remain bent, elbows pointed up, the backs of her soft hands cup cherub cheeks. fingertips, touching underneath her chin, now move apart as bent wrists caress up to the top of strawberry kissed blonde hair. the music intensfies as the backs of fingers melt together. wrists twist as one, the crash of cymbols resounds as palms turn out and up towards the Moons over her head. with a girl's head bowed between her arms, wrists cross. the silver bells about her left wrist shine like the links of the chain she has submitted to. the acceptance of her slavery fills every ounce of a girl's being.
looks back up to the heavens with joy-filled twinkling hazel eyes as arms stretch out to her sides with the dip in the music, the music lifts as the girl slips to her feet. she spins about the sands with-in her chain permitted bondage. the spinning stops short as the chain is pulled tight. wrapped around the girl's waist, up between her breasts the chain glistens beautifully against the slave flesh. it tightens its hold as she drops to dimpled knees and bends at the waist placing her forehead to the sands before the Pole. before the One that Owns her. lifting her strawberry sunkissed tresses up slowly, hazel eyes lighting upon the feet of the One. her lips part slightly and press feverish lil kisses all over them in Reverance and Love.
Grateful to be Loved. To be Owned.
a girl's dance ended, she is released from the Pole. rising slowly to her feet, each movement is met with a jingling of bells and a rattling of chains as the sands are brushed from glistening flesh. hips rolling sensually beneath the rattling confinement of metal, sha' steps from the sands and crosses the Inn to her ~Mistress~. The firelight glowing within the golden mass of luxurious blonde hair, she slips slowly to her knees before ~Her~. rolling shoulders back, head held proudly, eyes are kept focused to the hem of ~Her~ robes as her silken voice proclaims...
la kajira

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