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~*~ Drinks ~*~

Gorean Ale - More like a Honey Lager than an Ale or Beer, it is a deep gold in color, brewed from the grains of Gor and hops imported from Earth in the early years. Served in a goblet or tankard.

Bazi Tea - An herbal beverage of leaves steeped in hot water, served hot and heavily sugared. Much like the pekoe of Earth. It is traditionally drunk 3 tiny cups at a time in rapid succession. Served in the higher class establishments.

Blackwine - Similiar to the Coffee or Espresso of Earth, made from beans brought back on one of the earlier Voyages of Aquisition and is also grown in the Mountains of Thentis. It is very hot, thick and sweet. It is available in the higher class establishments although plain blackwine may also be in lower class establishments. Served in a small cup or heavy mug with small saucers of red and yellow sugars/sweetrocks, real or powdered bosk milk (depending on the Establishments choice).

"Second slave" means the blackwine is desired black...nothing added. "First slave" means yellow sugar and milk.

Breeding wine - a sweet beverage which counteracts the effects of slave wine, making a slavegirl fertile; also called second wine. It is made from the extract of the teslik plant.

Chocolate - made from beans brought back on one of the early Voyages of Acquisition, this is the same as the chocolate of urth.It is served in higher class establishments. Served hot in a heavy mug or cold in a goblet.

Ka-la-na - A sweet, strong dry white or red wine distilled from the fruit of the Kalana trees. Some of the best comes from the City of Ar or from the Plains of Kalana. It can be served chilled or warm/room temperature. In Treve some prefer it heated to different degrees. It is often a symbol of romantic love.

Mulled Ka-la-na - which is served warm with mulling spices and a slice of larma, kalana, or topsit fruit as a garnish.

Kal-da - Made of cheap distilled Kalana wine mixed with citrus juices, such as topsit and larma, and hot spices. Generally served hot in a footed bowl. Tastes good, until the bottom of the kettle is reached.

Mead - beverage of fermented honey, thick, sweet and very potent, made in Torvaldsland.

Milk - can be bosk milk which is thick and sweet, verr, or kaiila which is dusky colored and salty.

Merlot - a wine kept in a bota.

Paga - (Pagar-Sa-Tarna/Sa-Paga...usually just called Paga. "pleasure of the life daughter") Brewed from the grain of Sa-Tarna, it is a heady distilled hard liquor, similiar to Earths whiskey. It is the drink most ofted served in Taverns. Symbolizes physical love (lust). Served in footed bowl.
In some might be necessary to strain the Paga, so it is not lumpy. Pour the Paga into the footed bowl with a cloth over it, remove the cloth and make sure the bowl is full before offering it up to Him/Her.

Slave wine - a black bitter beverage that acts as a contraceptive; its effect is instantaneous and lasts for well over a month; can be counter-acted with Breeding Wine.

Spring Water - spring water from the mountains or from the liana vine or carpet plants from the rain forest area inland of Schendi. Usually served in a goblet.

Sul-Paga - A clear vry strong alcoholic drink, made from suls (similiar to potatoes). Similiar to Earth's vodka and it also symbolizes physical love. Served in a footed bowl.

Ta-Wine - a dry wine made from Ta-grapes from the Isle of Cos, served at room temperature or warm. Served in a goblet or tankard.

Turian Wine - syrupy and very sweet.

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