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~*~ Foods ~*~


Tumits - a large carniverous bird of the plains. They are hunted and eaten by the Nomadic people of Gor. Traditionally hunted with bolos the sport lies in whether you or the bird gets to eat that night.

Vulo - a tawny-colored poultry bird, similiar to a pegeon, which also exists in the wild...used for meat and eggs which are very tiny. The eggs are cooked for the breakfast meal by frying them in a large flat pan. Eggs can also be boiled or pickled. It takes several birds or many small eggs so make a meal. Meat is roasted, baked or stewed.


Cosian Wingfish - tiny blue saltwater fish with 4 poinonous spines on its dorsal fin. it's livers are considered a delicacy of Turia.

Marsh Shark - large and carniverous, sliced thick into steaks.

Parsit fish - slender, silvery brown striped.

Salt Thassa fish - a small fish from the gleaming Thassa, served baked, steamed or broiled.

Sorp - a shellfish, common esp. in the Vosk River, similar to an oyster.

Tambor Gulf Oysters - served raw,steamed, baked, smoked or in stews.

Vosk Carp - a large carp from the river Vosk.

Vosk Sorp - smaller than Tambor Gulf Oysters and they produce pearls.


Blueberries - smuggled from Earth.

Celane Melon - Cantalope.

Dates - come from the city of Tor.

Kalana - sweet and juicy, similar to an Urth pear.

Kort - rinded fruit of the Tahari; served sliced with melted cheese and nutmeg.

Larma - succulent fruit, rather like an apple; sometimes sliced and fried, and served with browned honey sauce; offering a larma, real or imagined, by a slave girl to her Master is a silent plea for the girl to be raped

Ram-berries - small, succulent purple berries.

Redfruit - similar in flesh and taste to apples of Earth.

Ta-Grapes - fruit similar to earth grapes. from the Isle of Cos

Tospit - a small yellow tart, juicy citrus a peach of Earth, but the size of a plum. they are often dried and candied.


Bosk - large, shaggy, long-horned bovine similiar to the Earth cow; served roasted and sliced or as steaks.

Tabuk - described as a one horned, yellowish antelope. known for the sweet meat and speed, and is generally served roasted though can be Grilled.

Tarsk - similiar to the Earth pig in form, have a bristly mane which runs down its spine to the base of the tail. They are not a favored food, being carrion eaters, but are a staple amoung the rence growers. It is roasted and commonly stuffed with suls and peppers.

Verr- a goat-like animal...the meat can be eaten and it's milk can be used for drinking or making cheese and butter. Verr meat must be steamed in the ground wrapped in leaves for the whole day. This prevents it from being bitter and stringy


Kes - a shrub whose salty blue secondary roots are a main ingredient in sullage

Olives - these are commonly from the City of Tor (referred to as Torian Olives)

Peas - mentioned, not described...

Red olives - these come from the groves of Tyros.

Sul - golden brown, starchy tuberous root of the Sul Plant. Similiar to the potato of Earth. One way of serving is to break it open and fill it with melted Bosk cheese. Often served sliced and fried. Can be distilled into the drink called sul-paga. principal ingredient in sullage.

Tur-pah - a vegetable. an edible tree parasite with curly, red, ovate leaves; grows on the tur tree; a main ingredient in sullage


Black bread - baked soft and full flavored from Gorean grains, heavy and dark, served with clotted Bosk Cream or honey.

Butter - churned from the milk of the Bosk or the Verr.

Cheese - Pressed from the milk of the Bosk or Verr.

Bosk Cheese - sharp in taste and travel well, resisting mold in their hard rinds.

Verr Cheese - mild tasting and soft, excellent with fruit or melted for sauces.

Chocolate - made from beans brought back on one of the early Voyages of Acquisition, this is the same as the chocolate of Earth. is is served in higher class establishments.

Rence - a water plant...the grain is eaten, the stems harvested and pressed into paper or woven into cloth. the grain may be boiled or ground into a paste and sweetened. This paste can also be friend into a type of pancake.

Sa-tarna -

Grain - yellow in color, wheatlike. used to brew paga and make a light sweet bread.

Bread - pale, soft bread that is yellow in color. It is marked into six sections before baking. A staple in the Gorean diet.

Sa-Tassna - meat; food in general

Sugar - There are 2 varities that are commonly used, the Red Sugar and the Yellow Sugar. It is believed that the Red is made from fruits and the Yellow from the juices of crushed cane stalks.

slave porridge/Sa-Tarna Gruel - a cold unsweetened mixture of water and Sa-Tarna meal, on which slaves are fed; in Torvaldsland, it is called "bond-maid gruel" and is often mixed with pieces of chopped parsit fish.

Sullage - a soup made principally from suls, tur-pah, and kes along with whatever else may be handy.

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