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Caste of Warriors


 Is part of the High Castes.Those included are Infantry, Tharlarion Cavalry, and Tarnsmen. Their color is Red.


A collection of Quotes from the warriors codex and their respective book and page numbers

Book 1, page 41
"The Code of the warriors, in general, characterized by a rudimentary chivalry, emphasizing loyalty to pride chiefs and the home stone.It is harsh , but with a certain galantry, a sense of honor that I could respect. A man could do worse then live by such a code."
Tarl Cabot

Book 1, page 117
" "Yield her" he snapped. "You know the codes," I said evenly. "If you want her you must challenge for her and meet me with the weapon of my choice." "

Book 1, page 118
"One who has shed your blood, or whose blood you have shed, becomes your sword brother, unless you formally repudiate the blood upon your weapons."


Book 9, page 18
"I would not have thought Sarus of Tyros would have used poisoned steel," I said. "Such a device, like the poisoned arrow, was not only against the codes of the warriors, but, generally, was regarded as unworthy of men. Poison was regarded as a womans weapon."


Book 10, page 9
"Within the circle of each mans sword, therein lies an Ubar."

Book 10, page 9
"Steel is the coinage of the warrior, with it he purchases what pleases him."

Book 10, page 9
"Be strong and do as you will. The swords of others will set you your limits."


Tribesmen of Gor, page 38
"The short sword, now slung over my left shoulder in the common fashion, would be of little use on Kaiila back. The men of the Tahari do not fight on foot. A man on foot in the desert, in warfare, is accounted a dead man."



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