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On Urth she was known as noelle, a fiesty submissive that at times liked to top from the bottom and loved to tease W/whomever she could. Few could keep the rebelliousness tamed for very long, because there was always an unknown part of her that craved for something yet to be found.

Captured and brought to Gor, she was sold from one slave house to another and transported by wagon to the place a girls training would begin. her unwillingness to accept that she no longer had a choice in what was to happen to or become of her, the now ~lavender lace~ felt the whip repeatedly throughout the travels to the different slave houses.

Startled awake one morning by the sounds of an attack against the wagons, she gave no thought to how or where but realized that escape might be possible. All a girl knew was that she needed to get away from these heathen "Animals" and try to get back home.

Becoming very tired while she wandered aimlessly until the sight of crystal blue waters in the distance gave her insentive to continue. As the distance grew shorter, the sounds of civilization of some sort was heard, she hoped that there would be a way back to her home...her life. Upon seeing the big ships docked at the port, her heart sank, knowing that these People were everywhere and her home was far from here.

During the darkness of the days she would sneak from shadow to shadow hoping for scraps of edible food and

a safe place to hide. a girl seemed to always return to one particular safe shadow where she watched with great curiousity through the Tavern's window admiring the beauty and grace with which the slaves served. a girl continually wished the language was one that she understood. Something undescribable and undenyable stirred deep within her being.

One day an Assassin (who surprisingly spoke English), found the dirty girl hiding outside of the Tavern He frequented, and brought her inside. So thankful that she finally understood One of these big Men, she knelt at His feet, ate from His hand...unknowingly submitting to Him. He was so kind to her, while E/everyone else seemed to look down on her. When the night was nearing its end, she willingly followed Him to His cylinder, not caring that He was an Assassin. Just that He spoke a language that was understood to her. And He treated a girl kindly.

Over time, a trust was built between T/them and she finally learned and understood what had actually happened that night in the Tavern. Soon there-after He offered and she accepted a beautiful collar similar to those of her homeland. Many times He would find His barbarian hiding in that same shadow in which He found her, looking through the window and watching the slave girls. He could see the desperatation and desire to learn in the slave. The girl's burning desire to learn how to serve like them, to be able to please Him as she knew they could and did.

Some days He even found ~lavender lace~ inside the Tavern, back in a dark corner avidly watching and devoring all that she saw and heard. After repeated exposure to the Tavern, and with His help, the language became more and more familiar and certain words and phrases were understood.

As an Assassin, Master was kept busy, and away often for extended periods of time. He looked for Another to share Ownership and to train this barbarian while keeping her safe and out of mischief.

One of the Caste of Physicians, ~Lady Precious Rose~ agreed to Own and train ~lavender lace~.

Not wanting to give complete control to One, let alone One not Him, repeated kisses of ~Mistress's~ whip were needed to turn a girl's passion to rebel into a passion to please Any Free Person.

News spread of the Tavern's agreement to train barbarian slaves. a girl's heart soared! Soon the chance to please Others would be something she might be able to do. With the opportunity to be formally trained in the ways of a slave, a girl realized that the empty feeling she felt while on Earth was no longer inside of her. This is what was needed. Only once in a while did the fiesty, rebeliousness show. It was still there, a girl just didn't feel the need to express it.

With the Assassin's travels keeping Him gone for longer periods of time, it became necessary for His Ownership of ~lavender lace~ to be desolved.

~Lady Precious Rose~ rightfully changed a girl's name to ~*shadowrose*~{LPR} after having each of the slave's ears peirced three times each. this girl willingly and proudly serves ~Mistress Precious Rose~ with her whole heart, mind, body and soul.

As time passed ~Mistress Precious Rose~ relocated and a girl's Training was stopped with much regret. Soon the girl was allowed to continue her training at a Beautiful Establishment called the Ko-ro-ba Inn. With the relocation, ~Mistress Precious Rose~ saw fit to change ~Her~ girl's name to, ~*sha'roze*~, which delighted a girl to no end. she had been granted a name more fitting a kajira, not a barbarian.

~Mistress Precious Rose~ and ~Her~ now First Girl girl may be found at the Ko-ro-ba Inn, enjoying the company of Tthose that visit and serve there.

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